Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, it is done

Pin It Jim left yesterday and is on his way. Oh my heavens, it was TOUGH. I feel kind of strange today, almost relieved, and it feels disloyal or something to even say that. I AM relieved that the dreaded good-bye is done though. This last week was really good for our family. We got to spend lots of good fun family time, and Jim and I had some fabulous alone time, including a fabulous overnight date. (Thanks to those of you who suggested that! I would not have thought about it at all myself!) (Oh and hey, is it a bad thing that 85% of my fabulous rating for the hotel comes because it had really good sheets? I think we may have discussed my sheet snob tendencies before.)


We skype'd for a little while last night which was fun. Brendan was asleep and Gabbi wasn't home, so Madelyn and I got to chat with Jim. No -- I chatted, while Jim and Madelyn made funny faces at each other into the webcam. See, I told you she was 100% his.

We are okay. I've been on this "I don't care about housework" kick the past couple of weeks, but when we got home from the airport yesterday, I did some laundry, some dishes, and swept the floors. It's a start. Today our grand plans are to take it easy. It's 8:45 and every kid is still asleep, and I think it's much needed sleep, so we're even going to miss church today. Maybe I'll tackle the mountain of laundry that has been piled up for I'm not even going to mention how long.

I do wish to tell every one of you thank you for praying for us yesterday, and this past week. It really could not have been a better week. Well, unless "the army" called and said nevermind or something. Short of that, it couldn't have been better.

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