Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's Pick On My Middle Child

Pin It Ah, the sweet little princess. I love her to pieces. Sometimes I look at her and wonder where she came from, because as much as my oldest is just like me, my middle one is just like her father. JUST like her father.

We went to the zoo today. Here's the tale of Madelyn (aka Madalot) at the zoo.

The zoo, when you're one of my kids, is all about the snacks. We walk in the gate and Brendan starts asking for cotton candy. Madelyn wanted a snow cone, the other two got cotton candy.

I missed taking a pic of the snow cone on the ground when she knocked it over five minutes later. It spilled on her shoe, so she went around with one shoe for a while.

Then the monitor lizard came after her.

Then she decided that she looked kind of silly just wearing one shoe, so she took both of them off and carried them because her mother would not let her put them in the purse. (by the way - I should mention that her mother had told her several times by this point to put her shoes back on her feet. This is important in the story.)

Just a cute pic that doesn't really relate to the story at all.

Okay, it's getting hot and about time to go home, but let's stop off and see the monkeys first.

Oops, not THAT monkey, the REAL monkeys. :-P

Oh, that's right, I was telling a story here.
Why does she look sad now?

Notice something missing?

No? Let's look down, way down, over the edge, right outside the Agile Gibbons cage.

Yes, those would be the shoes she dropped over the edge.

Sending a big thank you to the Houston zoo zookeeper who took down an agile gibbon to rescue Madelyn's shoes. Okay, not really. She dropped them between the cage and the viewing area. The zookeeper did get them for us though.

This is one of those things that really would only happen to Madelyn.


Becky said...

LOL! And I know you really don't want pouting encouraged, but that photo of her in full pout is *precious*! Her whole body is just screaming "I lost my shoes in the agile gibbon cage and I just *know* my Mom's not gonna let me hear the end of it...she'll probably post me on the blog...*sigh*"

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

I still believe little brother was involved,

The Kashew said...

Melanie....OH.MY.GOSH look at those kids! Holy smokes, Gaby is like a young woman now!! Where does time go? You weren't kidding when you said she changed. I think I saw a video of her just months ago and it was a different girl. Brendan looks just like Jim in those pics and I see Mad's hair has gotten way long, again. Gosh, they are all gorgeous!