Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

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It's barely still Monday, but it is, so this counts!

I am not incredibly (insanely!) proud of myself for cooking a meal tonight. This is not like one of ... um ... TWO times since Jim has left that I've actually cooked a meal that required more than sticking something frozen in the microwave or oven. The kitchen is cleaned too! But I'm not crazy proud of myself ... because that would just be bragging and I don't do that.

It's not 10:19 pm and every single one of my children is still awake.

I'm not seriously considering a round of benadryl for everyone, including myself. Nope, that would just be wrong. (although ... hm ... now Brendan does have a few mosquito bites that just might swell up a little, so it's probably justified in his case ... and well, we live in mosquito central Gulf coast edition, so I'm sure we ALL have plenty of bites and benadryl is really just almost required, right? RIGHT??)
(okay, in all seriousness, I would not ever give my kids medication they don't need just to get them to go to sleep. And I'd never daydream about it either!)

I am also not just tickled pink with myself for finally cleaning my room. Really really cleaning it! I'm not completely horrified that it took as long as it did, and I'm not looking at one corner and one bookshelf that still need to be sorted. I am not in desperate need of doing a big cleanout in each kid's room, and I'm not completely DREADING it either. I'm not thinking that I'm just going to sit back and enjoy my own clean room for a while longer.

Oh, and I know I've discussed my sheet snob issues with you all before, so I'll just let you know that I'm not insanely happy to know that I'll be sleeping on new 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets tomorrow night! WOOHOO~!! It would be tonight except I didn't dry them long enough so they're still damp. (Although ... sigh ... if every LITTLE BODY in this house does not go to bed soon, I'll be up for a good long while, and may just change them tonight. sigh.)

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