Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, this explains a lot.

Pin It So I know I've talked about my deep deep love of splenda sweetened tea before. Probably several times. I make a pitcher a day and drink all of it. That's a lot of tea. I used to drink that much coke in a day! I gave up sugared coke for good when I was pregnant with Brendan and realized how much insulin I had to take to offset 8 oz of coke. So, I moved from two liters of regular coke to two liters of splenda coke per day. Then a couple of years ago, I realized that maybe it wasn't such a great thing to drink that much coke. I moved to tea. Probably still not good to have a cup of splenda per day, but it's a vice I'm willing to live with. I *always* buy decaffeinated tea. Always. I buy the box that has 48 family size tea bags, it lasts about four weeks. I've been buying cold brew lately, after the unfortunate demise of my iced tea maker. (PSA -- when the instructions say not to put the pitcher in the dishwasher, please take them at their word. I'll leave it at that.)

So I have now used tea bags # 41 and 42 of 48 in the box. I just happened to look at the box ... and nowhere on it are the words CAFFEINE FREE or DECAF or DECAFFEINATED or anything like that.

I have been drinking caffeinated tea for the last three weeks?!? Are you kidding me?? I go without caffeine for a year (except when I get tea to drink at restaurants) and then suddenly switch back to caffeinated by accident? Wonder if this has anything at all to do with me being as jumpy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs lately? Oh my heavens, I feel so stupid, in a kind of giggling at myself kind of way.

I know I am definitely dealing with some anxiety issues, but I'm pretty certain that being hopped up on caffeine isn't part of the solution! And so now let's add an inability to read to my list of current ailments. :-P And get me to a grocery store tomorrow to buy my REAL tea.

(Speaking of anxiety -- I decided to take the Calms Forte that I have, and I think maybe it is helping a little. Either that or the exhaustion is just taking over.)


Micah said...

Picture the little yahoo messenger man rolling in the floor laughing! No WONDER you've been like the energizer bunny lately!!! And yes, those anxiety attacks really CAN be caffeine induced... really. Voice of experience talking.
You might want to mix half and half (caf/decaf) for a few days to avoid the monster headache.

LOL. sorry.

Becky said...

Aargh!! What a palm-to-forehead moment!! Deep breath, beatest thou not thyself up, and be glad you noticed *before* you went shopping this time around so you didn't just pick up the familiar-looking box!! Praying for you as you get off the stuff; I've been unsuccessful thus far, but really need to just bite the bullet and do it.

Mom2Mcube said...

Maybe my caffeine consumption has something to do with the fact I am wound up tight all of the time. LOL I drink over 1/2 a pot of coffee while getting ready for work. Then 2 cups when I get to work. Then a Diet Coke with lunch. Then another Diet Coke with dinner. Do you think that's a little too much???

Meri said...

Oh my! Oops! lol

btw, if the machine part of your tea maker is still working, and just the pitcher needs to be replaced, you can buy spare pitchers for them @ places like Target. I have two--one to have brewed tea in, and another for when that tea runs out...so I don't have to wash it right away if I don't want to. lol

That way you can go back to using your regular decaf :)

MamaJ said...

Hahahaha. Have you ever seen "Meet the Robinsons"? You know the lady who invents/wears the caffeine patch? "I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN 8 days!!!!"