Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Pin It update: We have an identification! Apparently it's a "rough earth snake" and completely harmless.

Short and sweet.

This morning, I'm thankful for Gabbi's cat, Bella. We typically refer to this cat, fondly of course, as demon possessed. She does have some psychotic issues.

That said, I'm thankful for her.

This morning I woke up to this:

INSIDE MY HOUSE. That is the hall between the kids' rooms. And a snake. A SNAKE!!

This is SO not what I want to wake up to! I was madly going through my internal rolodex to rent a husband because I don't DO snakes. Even when they're a harmless whatever kind of snake that is. (This IS a harmless snake right? Someone please tell me what kind of snake this is so that I can rest assured that even though there was a SNAKE IN MY HOUSE, it's okay because it's harmless. Please? I know it's not a water moccasin or a coral snake; those are the only snakes I recognize immediately. I think copperheads are more pink than that, but I'm not completely sure. I thought garter snakes were greeen! So SOMEONE tell me that the only harm this particular snake could cause is me hurting myself in a panic to get away from it!)

Then we realized it was already dead. I had heard Bella bumping around quite a bit last night and threw a couple of books at her. (Light sleeper ... and if you ever wonder why books are all beat up around here, now you know why. I throw them at noisy animals.) Turns out she was protecting my children from the evil snake. Again, probably harmless, but REALLY? A snake in my house?!?

So, go Bella. I'm thankful for her today.

I think I shall buy her a kitty treat. Or maybe just not yell at her when she sharpens her claws on the furniture. Naaah, let's go for the kitty treat.


April said...

aaah! i would have FREAKED OUT.

Jessica said...

You poor thing! I'll be your rent a husband next time. :) I actually don't mind snakes or spiders. small rodent make me skiddish, but I can handle them. Roaches is pretty much the only thing I DON'T do. From the picture it looks like a king snake. They are harmless. They eat mice, rats, and bad snakes.
I can imagine the shock of waking up and finding a snake in the house! I have to admit I probably would have freaked for a minute too!

Becky said...

Go, Bella! It looks like what we call a rat snake around here. Totally harmless. Well, except for the escape-induced injuries you mentioned. :)

Couldn't help but laugh at the difference in the reaction it would've caused here. Something akin to, "Awesome! Look at it! Can we keep it? Do you think it has family outside? Can we catch them, too?..." To which the answer is always, "you understand that if we keep a snake, your Grammy will never visit again..."

Anonymous said...

Scary!! Thank goodness for Bella!! I think I would have passed out. Glad that it was dead and harmless!!

sweet jenn said...

A short word of encouragement. I think you are an awesome woman. You are doing such a great job being mom. I know it's super difficult having your husband thousands of miles away and I know I haven't done a good enough job encouraging you. I seriously have been thinking and praying for you quite often and haven't told you.

Be encouraged, Melanie! Don't lose heart, sister!! You are doing a great job. Don't let Satan come in and steal your joy!!