Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weeks Seven and Eight

Pin It Well, I was doing really well keeping up with this until the last couple of weeks. Other than a Pampered Chef party and my sweet friends coming over last night, I got nothing. No idea what we've done the past two weeks. We've been less busy, I can say that. It's been kind of nice!

Oh - we've had a couple of milestones, and one is sharable.

Brendan had his first sleepover with a friend! Evidently he had a great time ... not quite sure how I feel about not being missed! LOL He has slept over at Rhonda's house before, but this was his first time to do a real friend sleepover.

Maybe I'll do a better job of keeping track of our activities this next week.

(as an aside ... a big change is coming soon ... and I'm excited!) :D

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