Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

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It is not me who promised a "post with substance" and never posted it. It's sitting in my edit folder ... coming soon. :) After this last week with sick kids and gray days, I need all the laughs I can get, so giggles before substance is a good thing!

I did not have an argument with one of my children on Sunday morning, requiring said child to be sent back to change THREE times. Tha-ree TIMES!! This did not happen after we carefully selected and laid out clothes Saturday night. This child did not select a different everything from what was planned, even shoes. I did not have to sit and ask myself if this was a matter of disobedience, or whether this was a "pick your battles" type thing. The internal debate did not go on for quite a while, nearly leaving said child no time to change into the preselected clothes.

Oh ... the battle above ... was not fought with my four year old, who each time changed into a different Buzz Lightyear shirt, pair of shorts, and shoes. (btw - in case you're wondering, Buzz has not reached the level of obsession around here. I'd never actually use the words "Buzz would want you to pick up your toys" or "Buzz would not make the same obnoxious noise 893728956 times just to annoy his sister.") Oh, I'd also never promise my child a pair of Buzz wings, meaning cardboard costume accessories, and expect to pay $10 for them. And if I did promise a child this, I would not get to Target and find out that the only ones they have are hard plastic with a voicebox (which is not annoying in the least) and cost $30. I would never face chastisement from this child's older sister, who reminded me several times that I promised him the wings, and if I was going to spend $30 on him, she would really like some new jeans. (I suspect she had an agenda here, and it was not really about the Buzz wings!) This did not prompt another internal debate. Oh - and said Buzz wings did not prompt a whole bunch of conversations regarding "falling with style" and how lots of times "falling with style" really means ER visit waiting to happen.

We have not been battling various sicknesses around here, causing me to panic and nearly completely fly off the handle when I had a little bit of a sore throat the other night. I'm fine, by the way, and I would never over-react. Nope, not me.

I did not get into the car after picking the kids up from awanas last night and announce what we were having for dinner. Each kid did not tell me that he or she was going to make himself or herself something else. I did not LOSE IT and announce to them that they would eat what was prepared, with a thankful heart, or go to bed hungry. The meal in question was actually something every one of them likes. I did not take this to mean my children were just being obstinate, and that perhaps it was time to do away with the "if you don't like what we're having, you may make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as long as you clean up after yourself" rule.

And during this conversation, the child who was away visiting her grandparents for the weekend did not burst into tears and exclaim "but I thought you missed me!!"

Oh yeah, my kids are never dramatic, and they never over-react. They take after their mama. And I'm not sitting here right now having an internal debate about the number of internal debates I'm having lately. (See what happens when the husband is out of town for long periods of time? The wife has all of the debates ... with herself. I'm sure people are not starting to wonder about my sanity.)

Okay, so what did YOU not do this week?


meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

I did not leave my ailing husband home alone while I went to have fun in San Antonio! And then didn't decide to stay an extra night!

Also, I did not just promise my oldest child I would make her a costume for the ren fest, and then promise to tell her best friend's mom...aka YOU.....about the costume so as not to pressure the other mom, too! HA! This way the girls wouldn't be in coordinating costumes and moms wouldn't be pulling their hair out!

And I will not apologize in advance for a conversation not yet had with said mom.

Joyce said...

Just hopping around reading some of the not-mes..(I didn't post one today)...yours is really good : )

Annette said...

Love the 4 year olds pic! Enjoy these fights, they change into skateboards, music, and girls way to fast. I remember Buzz with both my boys and wish we were back to such a simple time. Now we have to juggle baseball practice & games, taekondo, and many other activities to the point I would love to sit down and watch Toy Story with them both.:)

Meri said...

lol remind me to tell you my 4 year old in Buzz costume at Halloween ToTing funny story...Lets put it this way I certainly did not laugh at my own child when he fell down wearing a complete head to toe Buzz costume and someone from out in the Halloween night said "He's falling with style!"


Anonymous said...

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Duncan Family said...

My "not me" moment this week? I did NOT get into an argument with my MIL just two days before the end of their once-a-year visit which only lasted 8 days this year (instead of six weeks!). Nope, not me. I did not get upset that MIL mocked my dd for hoping that God will some day bless my dd with a horse (she's at that age where this is her number one dream!). It did not break my heart that my dd defended her hope by telling her grandma that "the Lord will provide!" My dd's sweet defense of her hopes did not push me over the edge and cause me to set MIL straight on God's desire to bless us beyond anything we can imagine (complete with Bible reference...okay, I know it may not include a real horse but it's okay to hope and dream and ask Him for one!). I did not offend my MIL and stress out my dear dh with only two more days to go. Nope, not me. Ugh, Tamera :-p~~