Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Crisis or Just an Inconvenience?

Pin It Here it is. The blog post that I've been mulling over in my mind for a couple of weeks now.

The Esther Bible study that my Sunday School class has been doing is working on me. This is a question Beth Moore posed back a few weeks ago. Why is it that we take something that is really an inconvenience and react as if it is a crisis? (Or maybe it's just me ... although if she mentioned it in her study, it must not be just me.)

Take the Handy Manny toolbox incident for example (see yesterday's "not me" post if you have no idea what I'm talking about). This caused major stress for me. WHY? I mean, it's gross and all, but to elevate it to crisis proportions? It took all of five minutes to clean the toolbox and another five minutes to clean the carpet.
editing -- one of my friends pointed out that this would most definitely be considered a crisis -- if you happened to be either Handy Manny or one of the tools. I about fell off my chair. LOL~!!

My other "not me" post. The bark and grass washed down the drain. Had me nearly pulling out my hair. My friend's family came over and the husband fixed it in about ten minutes. The kids had to brush their teeth in my sink twice. (Although -- that did nearly reach the crisis level. It's called RINSING, small people!! There is little worse than toothpaste spit unrinsed from the sink!)

So what is it about me, or about our society as a whole that elevates minor inconveniences to crisis levels? Is it that we are so self-centered and so focused on our plans that anything that alters them is so annoying? Same thing - road rage and being so aggravated about being behind a "slow car". This is absolute selfishness - whatever *I* have to do is so much more important and I don't have the time to slow down, no matter what your need might be.

Lord, help me.

Seriously. I'm trying to ask myself now if the various things that simply annoy the snot out of me are really crises or if they are minor inconveniences. Most, if not all, of the time the things that send me over the edge are so minor. It's going to be tough for this high-maintenance high strung girl to relax. The Lord does not want me a big ole' bundle of stress all the time, especially over things that are so completely minor.

So ... let's see what happens ... If you get stressed out over minor things too, join me. Let's see how it goes.


meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

Me, too.

My problem is that change doesn't bode well with me. If I have my plans laid out and something comes up to disturb my little apple cart it does cause way too much drama in me. I am like you....recognizing it and wanting to be different...and that'll be hard! Sometimes GOD upsets my little "apple cart"....and I have the nerve to be upset?! HA!

Dad said...

I'm sorry but that's one of thoses inherited things you got from me, which I got from Daddy. Haven't solved it in 62 years but have learned to live with it. Dad

Annette said...

Beth Moore always knows what we as women are dealing with. I almost think she can read minds, but then I realize she has just lived it all. I totally agree with the whole rinsing thing. What is in your mouth besides toothpaste and water and why are you leaving it in the sink? Our ladies Bible study is starting this same study next week, unfortunatley they meet on ball game night for Andrew. I think I am going to get the book and do the study at home and hit a meeting when I can. Everyone I know that has done this one has said it is one of the best.

Becky said...

Hmmmm...processing. I'm consciously working on the stress level these days. And we've been going through some things that I definitely classify as true crises. But it's not those that throw me over the edge. It *is* the stupid little things. Maybe I get so focused on handling the crises with trust and faith that I totally forget to relax and hide in the Cleft of the Rock on the annoyances; "that's okay, I've got this little one, God."....then, well, I *don't* have it. I fly into a fit, say things I have to apologize for, react completely disproportionately.

Or maybe I'm NOT handling those crises correctly, either, and the stress is just hidden better; there's a more conscious effort to "keep it together" on those. Then, when the little stuff happens, all that other underlying stress just wells up and comes out over the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Either way, I guess I tend to carry it on my shoulders rather than truly relinquishing control to the One who actually has some hope of controlling things.

Or, maybe I really am just that selfish when my train gets derailed. Maybe I'm a lot like the kids I keep hounding about their selfish demanding that everyone play what they want, when they want, and how they want. Pondering, pondering, pondering...

Sarah said...

i had a similar realization some time ago. i realized that i am a control freak (didn't see that coming either). i was really hoping it'd be something i could blame on having twins or a hubby who works all the time. sadly, it's a "me" issue.

in all seriousness, i think the first step to change is realizing there's something that needs changing. you're there (and you're awesome) so i have no doubt you can make the changes you want/need to!! ((hugs))