Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Fabulous Few Days!

Pin It We have had the best few days!

Monday we had our homeschool co-op, and afterwards we had big plans. We took Brendan to Dean's house, and OH MY, he was so excited. He's had some separation issues lately, and I was a little worried. I should not have been. Barely a good-bye to mama and he was off to have fun with his best buddy.

Then the girls and I were on our way! We had to make a pit stop at Kohl's first because I was approaching *blue jean emergency.* The scale may or may not be having STUCK issues, but my jeans were too big. (Like all women, I have jeans in various sizes here. For whatever reason, there is a HUGE jump between the size I was wearing and what I have here of the next size down. I've been SO discouraged by that! I finally decided to just go get some that fit. Oddly enough, they were the same size as the ones that I have here and can't zip. Whatever.) I now have jeans that fit, and fit well. :D

We left Kohl's and headed on our way to visit some sweet friends. My friend and I were talking and realized that our oldest girls have been close for a very long time. Through moves and life changes, these girls have remained close friends, and it's such a blessing to see them together. It was fabulous! The younger girls took off, the older girls took off, and my friend and I were able to just sit around and chat and relax and just have fun together!

Then Tuesday, we all loaded up and went to the Renaissance festival. It started out cold and gray outside but we ended up with a beautiful day. The girls had a great time!

Check out their costumes! They looked so lovely! They each had a friend to hang out with (and I did too!) and it made the day even better.

We stayed at their house again last night, watched a fabulous movie, and just visited and chatted again. Today we loaded up and headed home. I was really starting to miss the little man!

Any fear about him missing me was laid to rest when he saw us drive up, said "Hi Mom!" and ran back to play. Then I had to physically DRAG him to the car to take him home. LOL Good to know he's in good hands. He did snuggle me this evening and tell me that he missed me. Sweetie boy!

Now we're all worn out and ready for bed. The little one is asleep and the rest of us are headed that way shortly. We are all thanking the Lord for mini-vacations and friends and fun times!


little castle said...

It does sound like a fabulous few days! So happy for you! =)

Annette said...

I am so glad you had a good trip. It is really important to have some "girl" time for all three of you. Yea Brendan for being a big guy and allowing this for his family. The pictures are absolutely fabulous. Some of these are keep for life snaps, both yours and Renee's. About the trip to Kohls, don't forget that some materials shrink after many washings(and any woman with kids ends up washing her clothes just as much as the kids because of the kid's little mishaps that always spill onto MOM). I have identical pairs of jeans the same size but 2 years different in age. One fits perfectly the other I can't even attempt to zip. So yea for Mel she has shrunk pant sizes. I told you that muscle weighed more than fat but we could see you getting physicaly smaller! Keep it up we are all so proud of you.