Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Please see ticker. Note the date - 10/22. (and aHEM. My husband has been gone for nearly five months. It's not THAT kind of ticker.)

Give a little WOOT~!!

(and don't mind me. I'm the little sweaty heap crumpled up on the floor.)


April said...

YYYYYEAAAAAHHHHHH! you are so my hero! way to go Melanie!!!!! Is Jim going to even recognize you when he comes home? :) Good job!

Micah said...

You kiddin' Me?! 60 miles in 22 days?!!! You ROCK!!!

Becca said...

That is awesome! You do rock!!!

Becky said...

Way to Go, Melanie!!!!

Annette said...

Great job Lady! Keep it up you still have 6 days left to make a new record and incourage us all!