Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Random

Pin It I don't have the time or energy to put into a big blog post, but I do have some random thoughts that I'd love to get down.

First - Mrs. Billie told us we should go to the Christmas production at First Baptist Port Neches. At first I was thinking "yeah, right. Another thing TO DO." But then she told me what it was about and that she thought it would really bless us to go see it. We did and it did. They had incorporated stories from an army chaplain in Iraq into the scenes of a typical passion play. It really was fabulous. The kids were RIVETED. (Well, except for Brendan, who made it five minutes into it before falling asleep and drooling all over my shoulder.) I wish last night had not been the last night because I would have recommended that all of you local people go see it. Thank you, Billie, for telling me to go see it! And thank you First Baptist Port Neches for putting it on. It was a humongous blessing to us.

Next - a note to my children.
Dear sweet children of mine,
I love you to pieces. I just want to share with you some information that will make our mutual existence in this house more pleasant. We seem to have missed some valuable information in teaching prepositions, mainly you do not seem to have grasped the difference between IN the laundry basket and NEXT TO the laundry basket. Please learn this difference ASAP. Also, please note that trying something on and rejecting it does not make it dirty. If something has not been worn during a meal, or outside, or for at least several hours, it probably is not dirty, and would be better folded neatly and placed back in the drawer, rather than next to the laundry basket. If you wear a dress to church, and you don't get rained on, chances are that dress is not dirty and does not need to be washed. Please do not wad it up on the floor next to the laundry basket where it will be walked on for several days. Please hang it back up and place it neatly in your closet. If you can wear a dress and live in this house, you can also read, so all of this goes double if the magic words "DRY CLEAN ONLY" are on the tag of said dress. And to the other child: I KNOW you love your Buzz shirts. Believe me, I know. You have several though, so it is really unnecessary for you to wear the same one every day. Although this really does cut down on the laundry, I'd really prefer to have a bit of additional laundry to you wearing the same dirty shirt every single day. Also, you do have several shirts that do not have Buzz on them. They need some love too. Oh - another note to all three of you: if, in pulling something out of your drawer, something else is knocked out, it's not dirty. Simply hitting the floor does not make things dirty. Please pick up what's knocked out, fold it neatly, and put it back in the drawer. One more thing. I love you to pieces, you sweet little darlings!
Love, your ever loving, laundry doing, mother.

Okay, now I have to run. I either have to clean this house TODAY or I will be forced to move to preserve my sanity. I'm hanging on by a thread anyway, so all measures to preserve sanity must be taken.


Becky said...

I miss Mrs. Billie. She always is such an encourager... ((and, literally as I wrote this, my darling daughter just wadded up her dirty sheet and placed it ON TOP OF my clean clothes that are folded and awaiting being put away. Any chance I could teach her to read and change the names/ages in your post???))...Anyhoo...Glad that she pointed you to the performance. And that you did laundry after being drooled upon. :)

WV: trust... wow. God even puts reminders in word verifications.

Micah said...

Eight and a half months of this "single parent gig" and you've still got your sense of humor. LOL I love you!