Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!

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I was not too busy to blog nearly all week last week! Nope, I didn't spend a good portion of the week last week looking at my blackberry to try to figure out which Christmas party / play / program etc. was coming up next. I also didn't look at my calendar today and realize that all of the extra stuff ends Tuesday. I also did not do a little happy dance about that!

I did not award myself the "What Was She THINKING?!?" award on Saturday. There would be no need for such an award, because I certainly didn't attempt to take three children to Olive Garden by myself. We have a tradition of taking the kids out to eat after the girls' choir concert, and usually go somewhere fairly nice, or at least doesn't have the menu on the wall for this celebration. When asking the kids where they wanted to do, I didn't receive two McDonald's! replies and one Olive Garden! and go with the one that had breadsticks ... because it sounded really yummy to me. I didn't sit down with my children, immediately break up a fight because there was only one red crayon, watch my son scoot his chair on wheels across the room, wipe tears because one child only got two olives, order Italian sodas for the kids and listen to two complain that they didn't like them, and watch the third drink hers and theirs, then listen to the other two complain that they didn't have anything to drink, then wonder at my sanity when I let a child wearing a white shirt order spaghetti with marinara sauce, then leave with four mostly full to go boxes. I don't suspect that I heard cheering as we walked out the door, either. I did not declare right then and there that Chick Fil A was going to be fine dining for us for the next several months. (They come to the table and refill my drink, which kind of negates the menu being on the wall. LOL)

I am not currently sitting in a house that is completely trashed that was completely clean on Saturday. (I'm typing this Sunday night ... so YESTERDAY! Yesterday my house was clean! What in the heck happened?) I am not threatening to have certain children open Christmas presents then march said children to Goodwill to donate these presents if they don't RIGHT NOW start cleaning up their stuff! (Yes, I am a mean mama. I'm probably not sorry if that shocks you.)

I did not stay up until nearly midnight last night addressing Christmas cards. And especially not Christmas cards that have been in my possession for about a month now, just sitting there, lurking, waiting for me to address them. I'd never put off a task that took all of half an hour until the very last minute. I also did not (AGAIN) run out and have to place an emergency Christmas card order at Walgreens. Let's hope that the new ones don't sit on my counter for a full month before receiving attention. Or maybe I should have just been a little less optimistic and made them into New Year's Cards ... or Valentine's ...

Okay, I think that's it for this week! I hope you have had a great week, and that you didn't do any of these things either.


MamaJ said...

Laughing hysterically about Chick-Fil-A refills negating the menu on the wall!! I absolutely agree with that one! Haha. I can picture every part of your Olive Garden trip happening with mine also. Sometimes the lure of those bread sticks and that salad dressing is just too much to resist!

gina m said...

*g* it!

And I can make you feel better about the Christmas cards. Mine from LAST YEAR are sitting here looking at me. Yep. The ones I rushed to Walgreens and had made after we had snow, so that my cards would actually LOOK like Christmas cards. The ones that I then promptly neglected and never addressed nor sent. Yep. THOSE Christmas cards.

And I'm totally cracking up that my word verification word for this comment is "wooshpin." Don't know exactly why I find that funny, but I do. So, WOOSPHIN!!!!!!

Becky said...

Laughing - decidedly *with* you, not at you. Because, of course, I've never had a restaurant visit like this. In fact, I was not the cause for a waitress addressing the table *right next to ours* with rolled eyeballs and the sentiment that she hated it when people took their children out to eat; why couldn't they get a sitter. It's funnier now than it was at the time...