Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lazy Blogger

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I really haven't had anything to say. Weird.

I do have a couple of PSA's though.

PSA #1: If you tell a four year old child that he will not get a shot, and then he needs to have blood drawn, he will see that as a shot and will think that you lied to him. Even though he feels completely miserable and will want you to comfort him, he will be mad at you. It will take loads of comforting plus a nice toy to get him to forgive you. It will probably require sedation to get him back into the doctor's office. He will probably need some too.

So now you know.

We had a rough week around here. Said four year old has been fighting off a cough and cold for a couple of weeks now. Monday night he was wilty, and then he came home from MDO on Tuesday completely wilted, and by Tuesday afternoon was running fever. I called at 4:58 pm and made an appointment for Wednesday, assuming that it was either ears or throat. Then the fever shot up, and the boy was crying in pain, holding his side. I was thisclose to panicking, and kept praying that the Lord would just tell me if I needed to take him to the ER. He slept and whimpered all night long, and we went to his appointment a little early because he was still completely miserable on Wednesday.

The doctor said he thought it was a stomach virus. Huh. I was thinking no way was that a stomach virus. Then the doctor said he would do a blood test just to make sure. I was kind of relieved about that. (You didn't miss the PSA, right? Take note of that, please.)

Hey guess what.

Wednesday night, Brendan started feeling a little better, thanks to Tylenol and Zofran.

Thursday, he was still "off" but still a little better. Thursday night, he said "hey, I'm hungry!"

Friday, he's fine.

So, it was a stomach virus. This brings me to another PSA.

PSA #2: Sometimes stomach viruses involve fever, even high fever. Who even knew that? (Okay, evidently our doctor did. Thankfully.)

See, I want my blog to give back to its readers. You can thank me later.

(And thankfully today, he's all better, and so far, nobody else has been affected.)


Becca said...

I promised glue to a child all the way to the urgent care, praying the whole time they didn't have to do stitches instead. They didn't, we got glue. Sorry it didn't work that way for you! I hope no one else gets sick.

Becky said...

Sorry about the rough week, Mel. Laughed at your title, though. Popped over here thinking "sigh, I really ought to write *something* but I'm just TIRED." Lazy bloggers unite! :)

Hope he stays well and the others don't jump on the bandwagon!

meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

What does PSA mean? Personal Security Association? Pretty Serious Ailment? Put Stuff Away?

melanie said...

PSA = Public Service Announcement :) (Although I like Put Stuff Away ... haha!!)

Micah said...

Poor said DOCTOR. LOL I've looked at him like he had three heads SEVERAL times. LOL He's always right. Even when I thought I was dying from something horrible and he told me I had a separated rib. I had forgotten that Ethan and I had lifted that monster of a homemade computer desk up the garage stairs and into place. God must give him some serious insight!
I'm glad Bren is better ..and now WELL. :D