Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's See ...

Pin It Let's see if I can take a day when I really can't string two words together and come up with a blog post.

Last week was a hectic week, and this one is starting out that way as well. Brendan was sick last week, and then my mother in law came to visit. I felt really lousy over the weekend, and the weather has been so up and down that not a one of us knows if we're coming or going.

We're having a very pleasant visit with my mother in law, and I'm glad that we're close enough for her to be able to come visit without her son being home.

(Speaking of which - we have less than seven weeks left!)

The kids have been delighted to have her here and seem to be on a mission to separate her from any extra money she may have lying around. :-/ They were quick to make plans to take Grammy shopping. I guess it's much more fun to take Grammy shopping than to take mama shopping. Ha.

Madelyn has a couple of friends over today, and they are having a ball! She had a rough couple of weeks in the friend department recently, so I'm very happy that these three are having such a good time together. :)

Brendan had a buddy over earlier too. It's so funny to watch Brendan and his buddy together. They've been missing each other so I know they were excited to get together.

Gabbi is sad and lonely, no friends for her today. She thinks she's an adult anyway, so it's all good.

And with all of that said ... if you happen to still be awake ... thank you for reading. I promise posts with at least something interesting in them soon.

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