Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip, part 2

Pin It Days 2 and 3

We spent both of these days at the Magic Kingdom, mostly in the rain!

First, if you know my dear son at all, you'll know that the very highlight of the trip for him was meeting Buzz Lightyear! When we first got to the Magic Kingdom, we went straight for the Space Ranger Spin. We grabbed fast passes for it, and then decided to wait in line too. While we were waiting in line, Buzz came out. It was a tough choice, but we continued waiting, then waited in line to meet Buzz, then it was time to use our fast passes!

We also got to meet some dear friends! Meeting Buzz may have been the highlight of Brendan's trip, but hanging out with Becky and Dan and their precious family was the highlight of mine! :) It rained pretty much the entire rest of the day ... BUT ... totally worth it to hang out with friends in the rain! Rain comes out, lines disappear. We walked on to a bunch of rides that normally have long waits. Brendan splashed in EVERY. SINGLE. PUDDLE. and we just had a fabulous time! I really do wish I had taken more pics of them, and the kids all having fun together.

Then it was Monday. One thing we have done every Disney trip is the Breakfast O'hana at the Polynesian. It's a Lilo and Stitch character breakfast, and we love it. Here are all of us hanging out at the Polynesian getting ready to check in for breakfast. Oh - and note the hoodies. It was cold! Who would ever have imagined that we'd need hoodies in Orlando in April!

The required kids with Mickey pic.

See the pink blur with hands in the air? Next to her is her sweet sister, with dad and Brendan in front. This is pretty much how Gabbi approached every ride.

Brendan, bless his little heart, was such a trooper to ride some rides that scared him a little. He was thrilled when we walked by the Dumbo ride and thoroughly enjoyed riding it with his sisters.

Then the parade! I love Disney parades! It started raining pretty heavily during this parade, so after it was over, we joined the tons of people heading out. We planned to go back to the cabin and then let the kids swim for a while, but it was cold and yucky out. We finally loaded up and came back to the Magic Kingdom, but this was the last of my pics for the day.

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Drama Queen said...

DISNEY!!! I love Disney! Thanks for the trip report - I am living vicariously through you...and even in the rain, Disney is fun! :)