Monday, June 21, 2010

Okay, I Think I Can Talk About It Now

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Toy Story 3, that is.

I loved it. I really really loved it.

OH MY though. It made me teary within the first few minutes. Somewhere in the first half, the teariness changed to real tears. Then those gave way to more tears. At the end THE UGLY CRY was threatening to come out. I TRIED to restrain myself, and it was tough.

Sitting there with quite possibly the biggest Toy Story fan on the planet, and also with my big girl who is just now at the age where she has much more use for her cell phone and music than toys, well, it was just bittersweet.

I think every mom and dad need to see this movie. Time really does go by too quickly and the reminder to hold on to those moments is so timely.

Okay, if I type more along these lines, I'll be crying again. You all know all of this anyway.

One more thing though -- I think I have a crush on Spanish Buzz. He's hot.


gina m said...

You're NOT making it any easier for me to go see this, you know it?

And Buzz? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S funny!

Melissa said...

I am SO glad I wasn't the only one crying in this movie! :) It was great though!

New follower from Monday Madness!

Natasha said...

I was brave and took all 3 of my boys to see it last week. We loved it. Oh, yes! I was crying too. Is it a mom thing or what?