Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Survived VBS

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I just want to know why it is that three and a half hours of VBS completely wipes out a family. Okay, well add to that yet another tonsillitis and a three day headache and you've got part of your answer. Still though. It's crazy the way VBS is so exhausting!

That said though, I LOVED VBS this year! Really really loved it! We used Group's program, which was High Seas Expedition. I was in charge of crafts for the K-6th grade. I'm going to guess we had about 200 kids this year, I never got the actual number. I loved working in crafts. I would NEVER have imagined that I would have loved it. I should mention - the director did a LOT of the crafts works - like choosing the crafts and ordering them. For my part, I got a list of what crafts we were doing and a bagful of the supplies we would need. SUPER EASY. And because I'm all about easy, I loved it.

All three of my kids enjoyed VBS this year too. Brendan missed a couple of days due to sickness, but he had a great time while he was there. Madelyn really got into the crazy dress days, as did Gabbi. This is likely Gabbi's last year as a VBS student, which is kind of bittersweet. She's in this weird grade thing - we'll be doing 7th grade with her at home, but she's in 6th for SS and AWANAs, so she could really go either way next year - student or helper. HM ... wonder which one she would choose, if she is given the choice, my "in a rush to grow up" child ...

I have about a million pics on my camera right now; I haven't uploaded a single one all week. You can look for a picture post sometime next week. For now, I spent TWENTY WHOLE HOURS at VBS over the course of a week and I'm wiped out. ;)

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Natasha said...

I always love VBS as well. Yes, it is exhausting, but great. 200 kids? WOW! We usually have 80ish. I've heard that some churches do VBS for all ages, even adults. Next year we may get a middle school class, some of them really need to be in a class instead of helping. I've never done crafts. I usually do 3rd and 4th grade. Last year I did missions, but went back into the classroom for this year. Just needed a little break! Most of our VBS teachers are regular classroom teachers. It is always neat to have former students and future students. Get rested up for next year!