Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Homeschool Village - Dads

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This week at The Homeschool Village is all about dads and their place in the homeschool. To be honest, I was planning to skip this week because I'm really not sure how to answer. With Jim having been gone all of last year, and us just getting started for this year, no one seems to be really sure how to make all the pieces fit together yet.

Last year I was the homeschool commando mom. Jim left in June to go to Afghanistan. We started school in August. When he came home in April, both girls had finished most of their curriculum, so we basically called ourselves done and took a long summer break. (Really, a little TOO long, but that's another post for another day.) So, last year I did all of the planning, purchasing, implementing, disciplining ... all of it. It started out pretty tough, but we found a system that worked for us; namely "let's please finish our work before mom LOSES.HER.MIND." You know, you do what works for you at the time. ;) In some aspects, last year was easier than normal. We had a set schedule because we weren't working around Jim's weird work schedule. Yes, I had to handle everything, but I have enough control freak in me to make that work. So, all in all, weird as it is to say this, last year worked out pretty well, at least as far as our homeschool went.

So now it's time for this year to begin, and some things needed to change with the curriculum we were using. The girls are getting older and we need to step it up in some areas. Jim is back home, back to the regular (weird) schedule. The strange thing is, it's like we're not all sure where we all fit now. Starting school again has shaken things up, and it's kind of like we're all confused. I'm here, so I'm still the purchaser, planner, and implementer, and I've pretty happily handed the disciplinarian role back over to Jim. And the flash card role. I don't enjoy that one so much, and neither does the one who needs the flash cards, so I'd rather just give up that whole chore. School is taking longer and more effort from me this year, which is adding another weird dimension to all of this. Time I would have spent doing things around the house is time I'm spending working with the girls this year, so there are also things around the house that need to be passed off to Jim as well.

So, the role of Dad in our school? I don't really think he knows, and neither do I. Maybe that's something we need to talk about in the very near future.


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

What a very nice family you have, praise God for the blessings He has bestowed on you! Didn't realize I wasn't a follower of your blog, I am now! Look forward to reading more of yoru posts! Have a Happy Homeschool Village Day! :)
<>< Nicole

Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

Well it seems this blog topic was placed in your lap for a reason :) Homeschooling does change a lot of dynamics of traditional family chores, time management etc. The roles have to change a little bit! Good luck with your new journey! I am following you now to read all about it!


Rebecca (me!) said...

First, thank you to you and your husband for the service you all provided to our country in Afghanistan.
Next, thank you for your honesty. It is so hard when Dad's away. Last year, Dad wasn't in a different country, but his job was so time consuming, we would go a whole week without seeing him (except between 11pm and 5am). Keep plugging and seeking God. He will provide what you need when the time is right for Him. It's hard being the clay the potter's hands. You are an amazingly graceful mom! I'm following you now and will anxiously await your next post.

Becky said...

"Yes, I had to handle everything, but I have enough control freak in me to make that work." bahahahaha!!! I love you, lady. Praying that God will put your family puzzle back together just right.

Cheryl said...

Thank you for you family's sacrifices! I'm thankful your husband came home safe and hope you find your new groove soon :)

Theresa said...

Stopping by from Homeschool Village Link up! This is our first year homeschooling so I had a hard time answering too.

I am so touched by your family's sacrifice last year. We are so indebted to our military and their families. Thank you. May God Bless you all!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

That is the way our year was last year. He left in July and came back in March. We took some time off, but we still stayed strong until we finished at beginning of June. It is such a blessing with homeschooling to take those breaks when our hubbies are coming home frome deployments. :)

gina m said...

Remember me telling you that this was going to be the hard part? Yep. It is. The load isn't all on you anymore, but you're not quite sure how to share it again because it has been for so long. Yep. Done that.

This too shall pass, Mel. You'll find your way back to a schedule (and roles) that work for your family. God will even use this to improve things that you may not have even thought needed it because I know you, and I know you're going to let Him. *gentle nudge* ;)

You're doing great. Keep it up!

Annette said...

Not only are you fitting the puzzle pieces back together, but the puzzle pieces change as the children get older. Junior high school requires the most time in homeschool in my opinion, so this feeling from you is normal. Keep turning the pieces and it will all fit back, until one of the kids knocks the puzzle off the table and you have to reassemble. Keep up the good work!