Saturday, September 25, 2010

Linky Linky Linky

Pin It Okay, so I have a TON of blogs I read. They go into my google reader, and where some people read newspapers or news sites in the mornings, I read blogs. (Which means SOMEBODY better tell me if there's major news happening that I should know about, because I'm probably reading somebody's blog and giggling away, totally unaware.) It happens all the time that I'll read something and think "OH! That's fabulous and everybody should read it!" That said, I'm going to start saving links when I read them, then post whatever is there on Saturdays. That's the plan anyway. We'll see if I stick with it ...

So, without further ado ... this week's linkies: I fell in love with Aartie while watching "The Next Food Network Star" but didn't click over to her blog until a few weeks after the competition ended. What a treasure! Read this post, then read some more of her blog. You're in for a treat! There are just no words. Read, listen, be moved, and be blessed.

And finally, yep, finally for today - I just decided yesterday to do this, so I only have a couple of links for you this week -
My dear friend Micah is scary creative. LOL She created a new blog this week and I have to share it! I have one of her makeup bags and not only is it the cutest thing ever, the craftsmanship is fabulous! See pics on her blog! (And I need to pull out pics of my middle one's "Minnie" dress that Micah made for her before our first trip to Disney! Oh my at the fabulousness!!)
So ... go to her blog: ShabbyShae and see the awesome things she's doing!
(Oh, and as soon as I find THE fabric, she's going to redo our piano bench! I'll be sure to take pics of the work in progress. Maybe not before pics though. The cover was kind of ... um ... DONE ... and that was BEFORE the little one got toothpaste all over it.)

Did you go to her blog yet?

Have a happy Saturday! I'm off to do some work in some bedrooms that belong to the little people who live here. Let's hope I make it out alive. It's questionable.

Did you check out the links?

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Micah said...

Hey, remind me to slip you that fifty Sunday.


Glad you love the makeup bag!