Friday, September 24, 2010

The Winner and the Random

Pin It May I complain for a moment? hehe ... like you could stop me. My out of shape body is screaming at me. It did this all night long. Simply because I had the nerve to do thirty minutes of step on Wii fit. The board is what? Two inches off the ground? I did this Wednesday night and woke up just fine yesterday. Then, as the day went on, the body started complaining. By bedtime, I think it may have been cursing at me. In the middle of the night, it gave up the anger and just whined in pain. Fabulous. Nothing like a constant reminder of how very out of shape I am. So let's see ... sore body and a lack of sleep last night ... these should make me a total joy to be around today. Lucky family I have.

My middle one has a very strong shellfish aversion, and I remember reading somewhere that strong aversions and allergies go together, so we avoid shrimp with her. (Which is easy because it's NOT going into her mouth if it looks like or smells like shrimp.) When we have gumbo (which we did last night), I pull hers out before adding shrimp, and then she's on her own when we have leftovers. No problem there. We don't have shrimp very often, so it's never been a huge deal.

Last night about an hour or so after supper, the youngest came up with a bump on his face. I assumed it was a mosquito bite; bless his little heart, if he goes outside in the evening, he comes back covered. Then his little bump became a few more bumps. Then I realized it was hives. They were just on his face when we gave him benadryl, which stopped both the hives and him in their tracks. When I checked on him last night, there was still a little redness where he had been scratching, but it looked like they were mostly completely gone. So now I'm suspecting that HE has a shrimp allergy. He never has before, he usually likes it and will eat a fair amount. A tiny bit of research last night said that's kind of typical. Fabulous. I can't think of anything else we ate last night that would have caused that type of reaction, and he didn't get into anything (for once) either. So, with two with likely shrimp issues, I guess shrimp is banned from our house. sigh.

And now it's time to wake everybody up. Soooo not my favorite time of the day. The oldest always looks at me like she would like for me to dissolve right there on the spot. The middle one complains loudly, and since the little one is still sleeping, it will likely not be a happy "let's get off to preschool!" morning for him either. You know what though? DADDY is home and can do the drop off! :D

Okay, so enough of my rambling. Sorry I made you read through all of my drivel to get to the point of the post. At least this one has a point. ;)

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