Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 4 DONE, and First Co-op Report!

Pin It Wow, I absolutely can't believe we're in week five of school already! It's been an eventful JUMP into fall!

School for the girls is going really well. We're making some headway on the bane of my existence, multiplication. Still a ways to go, but PROGRESS. I'm all about celebrating the little things! :) I know it will happen for her just as it did for her sister - one day she'll just know them. It WILL happen, right? ;) Progress ... we've made progress, and that's good.

The oldest is doing very well. I was a little concerned about her English this year because it's a "jump in and run" type curriculum, but she seems to be doing well with it. I was actually considering taking it down to half speed and I'm glad to see that we're not going to need to do that. (Y'all don't tell her this was ever a consideration, mmmkay? Our secret.) The good news is that since she'll finish her English this semester, in the spring we'll have time to do Literature! My original plan was for English to take all year and just call the other reading she's doing with Heart of Dakota and co-op our literature for the year. Hm, I wonder if she will be as excited as I am to know that she'll actually be doing a literature curriculum next spring? ;)

The middle one is also doing very well. We figured out some modifications to the Heart of Dakota curriculum that they're doing together, so that struggle is getting better. I suspect that we're going to let her repeat it when she gets to seventh grade, full strength, with the extensions that her sister is doing now. At least that's a tentative plan. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself!

News from the little one too: he started preschool last week. The child I had to PEEL off of me last year is going in easily this year. He isn't overjoyed about getting up early in the morning (NEITHER AM I!) but once that hurdle is crossed, it's all going well. He *should get his fifth smiley face today, which means he will get to pick a surprise from the treasure chest. Let's all take a moment and hope that the whale is still in there. If it's not, we may be making a trip to buy a whale today. That whale is all he's talked about since he's seen it!

And last but not least, our homeschool co-op started Monday. All in all, it went amazingly well. We were expecting chaos and chaos just didn't show up! Very nice! The girls are both excited about their classes. And!! Shocker!! The oldest told me she couldn't wait to start the book we're reading. :-O Can you believe that? My child who up until last year never saw a book that she wanted to read is now excited about reading a book. And NO, we didn't decide to read the Twilight series at co-op, in case you're wondering. ;) We're reading The Hiding Place, the biography of Corrie ten Boom. She has an interest in this topic, so I'm excited to see the impact this book will have on her. The middle one will be reading A Cricket in Times Square and told me that we will be making a cricket home for our home. I'll be honest with ya, not so excited about that. Cats + Crickets = well, this is just not going to end well. Plus crickets make noise.

So ... I think that's it for today in our updates. Homeschoolers, I'm working on a review post with a giveaway! I hope to have it up on Friday; if not Friday, it'll be Monday. If you need some spelling help, be sure to stop back!


gina m said...

"Plus crickets make noise. "

Um, do kids. ;P

Sounds like a great start to a great year!!!!

melanie said...

so true Gina. The kids actually sleep at night though. Crickets? Not so much!

btw ... I'm going to be seeking your thoughts regarding a junior high book for co-op for next year!