Friday, October 1, 2010

I Lied To You

Pin It Remember this post about recitals? How I said that it was our last recital? Lies, all a pack of lies.

We had an opportunity drop into our laps with a dance school from another city opening a satellite school here. I was very skeptical at first. In fact, when I first heard about it, I said that I would pass along information but that we personally weren't interested. I was enjoying our evenings at home, and enjoying not writing out a check to dance every month and enjoying not having to chase down the middle one every week to find out WHERE DID YOU LEAVE YOUR JAZZ SHOES?!?

Then I started looking at how sedentary some of us are, and how we need SOME form of PE. Looking into various sports programs and other PE options was a little discouraging. One kid would love this, one would love this, and what that really means is that mom is going to spend a ton of time in the car, and let me just tell ya, NOBODY wants that.

So then the lady who will be running the school here came to give a demonstration. The oldest really liked her and was excited about the possibility. Then we heard her proposed schedule - classes during the DAY and the opportunity to learn a style of dance that Gabbi has wanted to learn for a long time.

I know local people are wondering what the big deal is. There really are dance schools on every corner around here, and I know some of them are incredibly fabulous. For us, I don't suspect that dance is going to be a big thing in our future. I'm not interested in dance competitions, and modesty and appropriate music are very high priorities to me. Small classes are important too. I want dance (or any extra-curricular activity for that matter) to fit into our schedule, and I don't want to spend a ton of time and effort to make it work. hehe, I'll be a dance mom, but I'll be a LAZY dance mom.

So there it is. There will, apparently, be more recitals in our future. YAY for that!

Now I need to revise our weekly schedule to make it work with dance classes in the middle of the day. That should prove rather interesting.

(OH!! If you're local and happen to be interested, you can go to or email me at for more information! Classes are Thursdays at Ridgewood.)

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