Monday, October 18, 2010

Need Chocolate.

Pin It Ya know, some days I write blog posts because I want to share things I've learned. Some days I'm feeling silly and want someone to giggle with me. Some days I read something inspiring and want y'all to be inspired as well.

And then some days? Some days I just need chocolate.

And lots of it.

This is one of those days.

Just thought I'd share. Send chocolate, please.

Oohh - and scroll down a couple of posts to find my post about my friend Jessica, or click here to read. I just didn't want it to get buried in other posts. I forgot I had a scheduled post to go up right after I posted it, and didn't want anyone to miss it. Thanks!


Micah said...

LOL I read your title on my blog feed and thought "ALREADY?!" lol then I remembered I had my chocolate fix at about 6:45. Thank you Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars. YUM!!!

Becky said...

I'm afraid it would melt before it got to you. But I'm willing to try. What's your preference? Dark? Milk? Anything as long as it comes in a bulk package?