Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Pin It The first half of our Christmas adventures and December programs!

The girls' Christmas dance program:

(Should be obvious which one is mine in the little kids; in the bigger kids, mine is on the left.  Most of the pics of her were blurry.  I was able to take pics during her sister's dress rehearsal so the lights were all on which made for much better pics.)

Last night, the Christmas parade.

My poor oldest was sitting right directly behind me, so again, no good pics of her.  Sigh.  I'll have to dedicate a photo post to her very soon!

Part 2 of the Christmas photos coming soon!  (You know, after we actually do the rest of our activities!)

1 comment:

Drama Queen said...

What fantastic photos! The colors turned out so well in them - and your kids are always so happy, which is wonderful!

Sigh. I'm so jealous. I wish our town did a Christmas parade. We were watching "A Christmas Story" the other night, and I was envious of them at THEIR Christmas parade. Everyone has a parade for Christmas, it seems, but Kansas City. Sigh.