Friday, April 29, 2011

Double Digits Tomorrow

Pin It Wow.  Today is the middle one's last day of nine.  That absolutely does not seem possible.  Was I really *enormous* pregnant with her this day ten years ago?  (And make no mistake - she was 9 lb 11 oz, and I'm 5'4".  Enormous is the right word.)

Oh, my sweet middle one.  My unhappy baby, whose early days divided everyone into two categories - the mama, and not the mama.  If you were with the mama, you were somewhat happy.  If you were with not the mama, you were not happy and not afraid to let everyone know it.

You entered this world at nearly 10 pounds and at a year were a tiny 15 lbs, still quite high maintenance spirited.
I have referred to your sister as the music in our home.  Yes, she is the music, but you, sweet girl, are the color.  You are sunshine and happiness, and JOY!

As much as you were mama's girl as a baby, you are very much your father's child now.  And I guess I'll allow that, although I secretly miss the days when you only smiled for me.
You rarely leave us with any doubt as to how you feel about what's going on in your life and very much wear your heart on your sleeve.
You can go from hot to cold, happy to sad, angry to happy in about a minute flat, and I wish you would pass that quality along to me!
You are still the sassiest little thing I think I have every known, and I don't think I would have it any other way.

I love that you are not in a huge rush to grow up, and I love your shiny, gorgeous hair and sparkly eyes.

Happy last day of nine, sweet girl!  I love you and I miss you!  I can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Show Us The World said...

She's so precious. I was thinking how gorgeous her hair is as I was reading along-then you mentioned it. =) Hard to believe she is going to be in double digits! Happy Birthday lovely girl!

Dee =) said...

Oh my!!!! 10 already!!!! I totally know the feeling, Melody is turning 10 in less than a month. How is it possible that we are old enough to have babies that old? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!!

Drama Queen said...

What a wonderful tribute to your baby girl - wish her a Happy Birthday from all of her Mama's Blogging Friends!

And almost 10 pounds??!! Geesh Louise! My oldest son was 9 lbs even...I can't imagine anything bigger! Holy cow!

Jessica said...

That was an excellent birthday post, Mel!

I would have never never never guess that she almost weighed 10 pounds when she was born!! Tell her that the Carlin's say happy double digit birthday tommorrow!!!

MyBabyGiggles said...

I remember ten years ago when you posted a prayer request because you would be delivering by c-section. That's when our friendship began. I am extra-extra thankful for her birthday. I'll call it Friendship with Melanie Day, too. :) Hugs, Tamera

Michelle said...

I love all the pics, time sure flys