Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Clothes!

Pin It Did you notice?  I was ready for a bit of a change on my blog.  I'm still tweaking here and there, so you might still see a few changes, but mostly it's ready to share!

One of my sweet online friends did this for me, and she did a FABULOUS job!  Seriously - I told her that I loved what I had now and wanted something different but similar.  (I may be working on contentment, but deep down inside I'm still a high maintenance girl!)  Seriously - that is about all of the guidance I gave her and she came up with exactly what I wanted! 

Y'all need to go visit her blog!  She's new at this, very creative, and SUPER FAST! 

Oh, and did you see?  She made me a button for my blog!  You can feel free to take it and put it on your blog if you like.  :) 

Thank you so much, Michelle!  I love it!


Micah said...

I love it too! So cute!

Samantha said...

Fantastic! Love it! Great job Michelle!

Michelle said...

awwee shucks, thanks guys it was fun. Melanie was an easy client. :) So glad you like it :)

MyBabyGiggles said...

Love it! Whimsical and so pretty! :)

Jennifer said...

Love love love love love it!!! (And I love love love love loved the old one, too!) :)