Sunday, April 3, 2011

L.E.N.S. Challenge - Read

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My son is a big fan of maps. I had a hard time choosing a picture for this! This one is from almost exactly a year ago, as we were planning our trip to Disney World. I was all about getting the kids as excited as possible, so of course we ordered the maps and let each child participate in the planning. The little one STUDIED these maps. I mean seriously studied them! I should not have been surprised. I have a sweet picture from the year before of him studying the Sea World map.

I'm linking up with Home Is Where You Start From today, with their weekly LENS challenge! Feel free to hop on over and see the other entries. This week's theme is READ.


Joy said...

My kids love to look at maps also. They could just sit and ask questions about the different places all day long. great picture!! :)

Janet Rose said...

Maps are a favorite in our house too; Great photo!

Hen Jen said...

wonderful! He looks so absorbed in his map! Thanks for joining up with us and sharing!!