Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Observations from the Middle One

Pin It I'm starting this off giggling just thinking that it's redundant to use the words RANDOM and MIDDLE ONE in the same sentence!

Anyway ...

We went to the store tonight, just the two of us, because the oldest one guilted me into going and the little one was already in bed. Seems I forgot that the little one has an Easter hat parade tomorrow and is supposed to wear his hat for this parade. This would be the handmade hat that he doesn't actually have. Oops. Probably would have been nice to have thought of that BEFORE 8:30 pm the night before, but hey, I'm really just happy dancing that I remembered it at all.

So, he's half asleep and the oldest is making his hat. We started with what I can only call a dunce cap, then moved on to an aluminum casserole dish. We found this really cute craft online that was made out of a paper plate. Well, we don't have any paper plates so I was *trying* to go with what was available. Apparently, in the eyes of my oldest, not going to the store was akin to child abuse. Then I tried a bucket. Then I realized that he really did look kind of ridiculous, and agreed to go to the store.

Because some of my kids don't always mix well without much supervision, I took the middle one with me.

The middle one? She can talk incessantly. (And see how I've gone on and on and haven't even gotten close to the point yet? I can't imagine where she got that talking incessantly thing. The point is coming, I promise.) The middle one has no secrets because every thought that goes into her head comes out her mouth. (The oldest would probably do well to learn this ... I'm just sayin' ... ) Want an update of life in our house? Just ask the middle one, but get ready because not only will you hear about what we've got going on, you'll hear about everything else in her life. And I do mean everything.

So we're in the car going to the store and she's telling me about who she's going to marry. Apparently there are several people in the running, and she likes it that way. And apparently she has given this a lot of thought. I asked her how on earth she was going to choose between all of these fine young men and she said "well, whichever one proposes first is the one I will choose." And I said "um ... okay ... we should probably talk about that" (not to mention the fact that she's actually devoting thoughts to this topic at all!) She replied that there might be several of them that propose, so maybe they should offer kittens with their proposal, and she could choose the one who offered the cutest kitten. Then she wanted to know if it would be wrong to keep all of the kittens.

So. Kittens. There ya go. I love that child.

(Oh and pics of the hat might be a Wordless Wednesday post.) :D


Samantha said...

That is awesome! I've never met her but she cracked me today. Thanks for the smile.

Micah said...

sniff sniff.. and I remember the day she thought she would marry my Ethan.
He actually LIKES the talking kind... and we ARE going to have some kittens here pretty soon!!!
Maybe there's HOPE!

Jennifer said...

Yet more evidence that kids' brains aren't fully developed until they're 21! (giggle)

Millie was talking about being married the other day (yes, my 5yo), and Greg told her, "I hope you marry a man who loves the Lord." She said, "I definitely will." Then she says in this accusatory kind of voice, "I'll just ask every man I meet, 'Hey!! Do you love God?!' "

Heidi said...

HeeHee! Love the idea about kittens being the deciding factor. Who needs a ring anyway?!?

meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

ROFL!!! I am trying very hard to hold in my giggles because everyone else in the house is asleep....I LOVE IT!

Middle girl...you keep those kittens!