Monday, July 4, 2011

Gratitude Journal - 271-280

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271.  For my sweet little one, who greets me every morning with hugs and snuggles and gives me kisses and hugs before he goes to bed each night.

272.  For lazy days ... when, even if I wake up early, I can be lazy and lay around in bed and snuggle with small children.

273.  For cold sweet watermelon on hot summer days.

274.  That the surgery recovery, which started out at record pace seems to have slowed down.  This is a good thing because it's forcing ME to slow down and enjoy some quieter moments with the family.

275.  For a family who hasn't grown completely tired of doing just about everything for me.

276.  For a sweet memory of being a little girl hanging out with my grandmother as I made purple hull peas the other day.  Oh my, yumminess.  Next time I will by them unshelled so that I can have the kids help shell them and tell them about my Mema teaching me how to shell peas!

277.  For a fabulous VBS program, complete with a family night at the pool, which my son declared "the most fun EVER." (and MAYBE this week I will finally upload the pics from my camera.  I have REALLY slacked off on the pictures lately.)

278.  For having our 2011/2012 homeschool stuff all organized and ready to go.  Everything is on its proper shelf and looks nice.  It will look this nice until the moment school actually begins.  haha

279.  For finally having a "book club" buddy.  The oldest is reading some books I have enjoyed and it's been really fun getting her take on them.

280.  Did I ever even post about the middle one's birthday party?  That is definitely a thankful list item.  Great group of girls, fun girly stuff, no sleep ... and the middle one loving her party and feeling like a princess.  :)

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