Monday, February 23, 2009

If they REALLY knew me ...

Pin It I was thinking today as I was doing my Bible study about the amazing fact that God knows every single thing about me and loves me anyway. Not "I'm gonna fix her up and then I'll love her" but "I love her just as she is." This is mind boggling to me.

I started thinking along these lines when I mentioned in Sunday School one day that there was one person that I'd argued with as an adult. (Nope, husbands don't count. ;) ) There seemed to be some shock in the room that I would have actually had an argument with someone. Really? That surprised me! I was actually thinking, Well! I had no idea I had hidden that part of me so well! I was actually happy about that.

Do y'all ever feel like if people REALLY knew you they'd run as fast as they could, the other way? I mean the deep down hidden stuff - not the "I let my son pee in a cup" and "one time I forgot to brush my teeth" type stuff, but the true darkness that lies within. The motivations, the ugliness, those hidden thoughts ... y'all know what I mean. I was actually thinking that if I stripped off the various masks and was really truly the deep down REAL me, it might be a person that not even my mother could love!

I think I read somewhere that one of the greatest needs in humanity was to feel loved. That makes sense, but what about feeling lovable? This is what has my mind boggled right now. Not just that God loves me (which is pretty mind-boggling in and of itself) but that He sees me as lovable! When I don't see much lovable about me, and I start to fear that if you REALLY knew me, you wouldn't see anything either, it is a comfort to know that God DOES really REALLY know me and finds me lovable.

Bless the Lord
Oh my soul
And all that is within me
Bless His Holy Name


Tammy said...

I totally understand what you are saying. I have had experiences in the past where I have actually lost close friendships because they saw a flaw and ran. It hurts deeply but to know that there is One who loves and will never run is very overwhelming and a huge relieve. I consider myself lucky to call you "Friend". This was a perfect time for this post given that Lent starts tomorrow and it is a time of reflection on the beautiful love from our Creator.

Micah said...

lol Oh I'm pretty certain if people knew the depth of darkness I can sometimes go they'd run like the wind! I wanna run myself sometimes. God's love and the realization of it is what always draws me back to the light.
I think as sisters in Christ we could all do a little better at bearing with one another. We ALL know we have spots that God hasn't polished out of us yet.
The realization of His love opens up a whole other issue then.... how do we accept that love and then love others with it? How does it change how we behave in this present world?
Things that make ya say... hmmmmm?