Sunday, March 1, 2009

How about a little NOT ME Monday?

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Woohoo, it's Monday.

It is not me who has the remaining weeks of co-op all added up and ready to count down. I love co-op and will be sad when it ends for the year. We are not at all behind on school due to a couple of hurricane evacs last year plus some sick days and a Christmas break that somehow stretched a little further than it was supposed to. We do not need those extra Monday mornings to cram in some extra work to get us caught up. We are not at all in danger of HAVING to do schoolwork over the summer to get caught up. (Yep, it's one thing to do school work to drag them away from the TV, another thing altogether to HAVE to do it!)

I know we've been there before, so by this point, I should not have to tell you that I'm not a last minute person. Because of that, I am not out of proportionately happy to have completed preparations for co-op today by yesterday afternoon. Like I've said, I never procrastinate, so it was not a huge deal to not be dragging in from AWANAs and rushing through to prepare co-op stuff! (Okay, in all seriousness - I do really enjoy co-op and really will miss it when it's done. This time of year just seems to take on a life of its own though, and I'm starting to feel like I need to tie a rope around my hands and just hang on for the ride!) (Oh, and if you're one of the people who is NOT counting down either, I won't tell you that there are seven regular classes and the open house date left.)

I did not this last week feel yucky one day and just take off from my life. I did not pass the kids off to Jim for the explicit purpose of sitting in a quiet house for a few hours. I did not, at this time, manage to forget an important meeting I had been planning to attend, and feel like an awful person for missing it. :( I'm not still mad at myself about it. :(

I also did not, this week, make some really crazy choices. I did not compare a banana and a piece of chocolate and choose the chocolate because it had fewer calories. How much sense would that make? I did not use the aforementioned feeling yucky excuse to compare chocolate to a MEAL and choose the chocolate, either. I know about nutrition and just wouldn't do that. Chocolate does not have that kind of hold over me. Or maybe it does, just a little, every now and then. Like two or three of every 28 days. (Or 25 in my case, which is totally not fair ... but is probably a bit of an overshare for a public blog!)

Okay, I'm not blushing right now.

I have not observed this week that my house can go from just fine to a disaster area in a matter of 2.7 seconds. Why on earth is this? Seriously - I typically clean the three hot spots before going to bed - kitchen, family room, living room. It just makes for a happier day all around if I wake up to no dishes in the sink. I did not do this every day last week and then wake up to a mess the next morning. I am not beginning to look at the cats suspiciously because of this, because I KNOW it's not my eyes that are tired and think things are clean when I go to bed and they're really not.

And one more ... My seven year old daughter ... sweet thang that she is ... did NOT look at me last night and say "huh. I like your hair like that, Mom. It makes you look young again." Um, YOUNG? AGAIN?!? Does that mean that I usually look OLD? Okay, she's SEVEN. Did I just suddenly age in the couple of years that she can actually remember and now I look young again? And another thing ... I got up Sunday with wild hair and cold feet and didn't want to take a shower, so I flattened my hair. My dirty hair, because I didn't want to look completely recycled. So ... if this HAD happened, what have we learned here? Fresh, clean, fluffy hair = old. Recycled, flat ironed, dirty hair = young again. Good to know. But I'm glad that didn't happen because I'm not sure how I would have taken my daughter telling me that I look young again.

Well ... there are more I'm sure ... but I'm going to end it here for now. :) I really want to know what YOU didn't do this week!

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April said...

LOL. 25? You poor thing.