Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Long, September

Pin It I was doing "week in review" posts for a while, then I kind of stopped keeping track. We were too busy or I was too lazy. One of those.

Now I'm realizing that it's October! How did that happen? It seems like it's been ages since Jim left, and yet it seems like summer flew by. Someone explain that to me. Four months down though.

September was another busy month. September, December, and May are always the busiest months! We have accomplished a lot this month though. On Friday, the girls will finish up the first six weeks of school. They're moving right along and I'm so proud of them.

Something happened for the first time ever. I actually had to tell my oldest to put down her book and go to bed. She reads well, but it's never been something she especially enjoys. She has really gotten into the book her class is reading at co-op. I thought she probably would, but still fully expected to have to pretty much hound her to do the required reading every week and I'm thrilled that I'm actually having to tell her to stop.

I've already mentioned this, but Madelyn finished Math U See Beta. We are going to switch her to Teaching Textbooks, as we did Gabbi, but we're on hold right now because third grade TT hasn't been released yet. One month to go. We're starting to introduce multiplication while we wait.

The girls really are doing well with school. I mean, they still try daily to get out of it, but they've also realized that it's not going to happen, so there's not too much argument. We have the DVD situation pretty much worked out by just moving them back and forth depending on the class. We have several field trips coming up in October, and a visit from their grandmother, and I think we're all excited about those.

Now that I'm not working in awanas any longer, I'm spending that time on Sunday night planning our week. I'm more organized than I've ever been before (trust me, that's not saying a whole lot) and it's nice to be able to look through and see easily what they're supposed to do each week.

Brendan is enjoying Mother's Day Out, and I'm enjoying Mother's Day Out as well. He's having some issues going into class some days, but once he gets past that, he's having a good time. He's been doing that at co-op from the beginning, and this past Sunday, he did at Sunday school too. I'm not sure what's up with that; it sure does make it hard to leave him when he's crying. Hopefully it's just a brief stage. I seem to remember Madelyn doing the same thing off and on ... even up to ... um ... last year.

I'm doing well also. I'm finding that I'm capable of all sorts of things. Like vacuuming. Who knew I could even do that? Fear not - I fully expect to forget how as soon as Jim gets back. Sleeping is getting a little better too. I still feel tired a lot of the time; I'm still a little too late getting to bed and a little too early waking up, but it really is better.

Get this -- I mentioned that I've been *bonding* with Leslie Sansone lately, after dumping Jillian. Wanna guess how many miles I walked in the month of September? Sitting down?

56! Yes, seriously. Fifty-six miles. Unbelievable. Go me, right? Unfortunately there are no real results from all of this effort, other than the feeling of accomplishment. That's worth something though. :) I also actually feel a little better, and even a little more confident, which is just kind of weird. Maybe noticeable results will happen. I guess it's okay if they don't, it's worth it just to feel better and to know that I'm making an effort. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

So, on to October we go!


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I like Leslie too. She's so much nicer!

Annette said...

Remember at first you are turning fat into muscle and muscle weighs more. I can see in your clothes and in your smile that it is working. Keep it up!