Thursday, October 1, 2009


Pin It I'm tired and a little grumpy, but I have to share some links before I forget!

These are just a couple of blog posts that I've really enjoyed lately.

My Marriage is a Teenager
(Funny because in a month my marriage will officially enter the teen years.)

I Have a Confession
(I had no idea that anyone else ever felt like that!)
(Actually - if you haven't already hung out on that site, please do. You will be ... ahem ... ENCOURAGED!)

ARGH. There is another one. I can't remember where it is. :-/ I'll edit when I remember. IF I remember. I hope I do. It was really great. (I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob.) (Name that show.)


Becky said...

Love the confession one. I first realized this in my college years during a Sunday School get-together of gals I'd gone to high school with. You know them: the pretty one, the smart one, the one that had it all, the one with a gorgeous voice...the ones that weren't ME. We got talking and all realized we had been intimidated by each other for various reasons; we'd not ventured to offer friendship for fear that the others would realize we didn't measure up to them. Ridiculous. And yet we have to consciously dismiss that thinking well into adulthood. Do you think Daddy-God ever spends His days sighing and shaking His head?

meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

Veggie Tales...give me a minute and I'll be specific....

meltedlikewaxps97_5 said...

Was it Duke and the Pie war?

Gretchen said...

Hello, Melanie! Thank you for the link. I appreciate it and I wish you and your husband a happy teenaged marriage and many more! :)

melanie said...

Dave and the Giant Pickle :)