Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Preschool Graduation

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I am way behind on the Wordless Wednesday posts. I still have recital ... and I don't remember what else ... to post. At least it will be some filler from the lazy days of summer. :)

So ... my baby graduated from PreK. It was the sweetest ceremony.
Before the ceremony.
Getting his diploma.
This was their prayer at the end.  Forgive the picture quality; it was taken from my phone through teary eyes.  It's just the sweetest thing though!
They had all of the kids list something they enjoyed this year and something they are looking forward to next year.  This was my son's.  Let's all say "awww!!"  :)  (and hm ... his favorite thing was going on stage?  Really?  I have another performer? LOL)

We thoroughly LOVED Learning Hands Preschool this year!  I am so glad we chose to have him there this year!  It was such a blessing to him and to all of us!  :)


Natasha said...

Preschool graduations are so sweet. Happy Land has the kids tell what they want to be when they grow up. This year there were future teachers, wrestlers, vegetarians, ninjas, physical therapists, and astronauts.

melanie said...

Oh how cute! You inspired me to ask him ... giggle ... I was really expecting something exotic. Nope. He said he wants to be a fireman. If I remember correctly, I wanted to be a helicopter! :-P

Annette said...

Cutest picture of Brendan and the prayer! He is definitely coming out of the shell, but I don't ever remember Mads being there.